Don’t believe this WhatsApp message on lockdown extension

The official Twitter handle of PIB Fact Check has busted another fake news related to coronavirus. In a post, it has warned against a message being circulated on WhatsApp related to the lockdown extension. The message says that a three-week, five-phase roadmap has been drafted by the Government of India to ease restrictions imposed during the lockdown.

The message depicts five phases as part of which the lockdown restrictions will be eased. These phases date May 18, June 8, June 29, July 20 and August 10. It further states that these phases will be a three week process and the first phase starts with May 18, day next to May 17 when lockdown is supposed to end in India.

Terming it a fake message, PIB Fact Check in its tweet clarifies that no such draft has been prepared by the government. Instead, it belongs to another nation, the post says.

“Claim: A so-called 3-week, 5-phase “roadmap”, purportedly made by the Government, to ease #COVID19India restrictions is being circulated on Whatsapp…#PIBFactCheck: #Fake news.This roadmap is not made by our Government, but by that of some other country” the tweet read.

Recently, a fake audio message about the central government giving Rs 3 lakh to state governments to take care of those infected by coronavirus was busted by MyGovIndia. As per a fact check done by the MyGov platform, the audio message is fake and the government has not made any such announcement.

“An audio message claiming that Government giving Rs. 3 Lakh per COVID-19 patient to the State Government for looking after them is FAKE! Stay Informed, Stay Safe!” says MyGovIndia’s Twitter post. “ There’s no such scheme! Please don’t fall prey to such rumours” further reads the photo shared in the tweet.

Source:- gadgetsnow